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Bedex, LLC is your one-stop source for environmentally-friendly mattresses and a variety of other bedding products. We make mattresses in all different sizes, styles, and price points. We sell to retailers, wholesalers, institutions, and directly to the consumer. We supply college residence halls as well as the hospitality industry. If you need mattresses and foundations, contact us!

We build all kinds of mattresses. In addition, our state-of-the-art process for refurbishing, recovering, and sanitizing old mattresses and foundations produces bedding for all settings, using all-new fabric and material. We sanitize the bedding products in accordance with North Carolina State’s specifications, one of the toughest in the Nation.

The Bedex solution is simple.
Let’s keep innersprings out of our landfills.

And because we sanitize and reuse previously used innersprings – the most expense component of an innerspring mattress – our mattresses cost less without sacrificing any comfort or quality.

Mattresses have become a huge problem for American landfills and trash haulers. The key and common solution for both is to compress and densify waste streams, but mattresses work against that. After all, innersprings are built to spring back and resist compression. As a result, mattresses are costly for haulers and they take up valuable landfill space.

Bedex helps solve that problem and its solution is simple. Let’s keep innersprings out of our landfills.

So whether you’re looking for a way to minimize your environmental footprint, or just a great mattress at a great value, Bedex is your high-quality, green solution.

  • If a mattress is NOT in reusable condition, BEDex recycles them.
  • Bedex avoids millions of cubic feet of landfill trash in North Carolina.

Bedex services all of North Carolina